In light of the recent spikes of COVID19 cases in BC and the requirement for wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings, we are making adjustments to the practices in the communal areas of the Tofino Paddlers Inn to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Masks will be required in all public areas of the building

These areas include:

  • Waiting in the hallway for to use the bathroom or kitchen.
  • The kitchen area

Guest of the Inn must maintain 2.5 meter distance in public areas such as hallways.

Windows will be kept open in the kitchen and bathrooms to allow fresh air to circulate.

Guests must sanitize their hands upon entry into the building and when going into a communal area like kitchen or hallway. Locally made sanitizer is provided in all rooms and around the inn

Kitchen Use

  • Kitchen will only have one group at a time
  • .Full meal preparation will not be permitted, and kitchen may be used only for heating / warming up and light meals (breakfast/ salad).
  • We ask guests to limit their time in kitchen to 15 minutes if others are waiting.ย  If people are waiting please take food to room or outside eating areas
  • A communal fridge is available, with each room having a small container assigned to it in the fridge for food storage.
  • Please rinse dishes and put in dishwasher and staff will run through a sanitization cycle daily

We encourage people to eat out. You may also use the outside deck of our coffee barย  or the various outdoor eating areas located downtown Tofino near the Inn.

For people on extended stays we want to remind you that staff will not be permitted into rooms during the stay. If you need replacement sheets and towels please ask our booking desk and we will leave them at your doorstep.

Garbage and laundry will be collected daily from hallway and kitchen. Please put your room garbage in the kitchen bin to have it disposed off.

Staff will spray down all communal areas daily and sanitize dishes with COVID19 sanitizer

We will have sanitizing bottles available to spray down surfaces after use in the kitchen and bathroom.

Rooms are empty for a minimum of 4hrs between stays and all surfaces are thoroughly wiped down

Please ensure you are comfortable with staying at an Inn with lots of communal spaces, shared bathrooms and potential interaction with other parties. Although we perform daily cleans and sanitizing, it is each up to each individual to protect themselves and act in consideration of others.

If you are uncomfortable with our shared spaces and if you do not want to adhere to the COVID practices mentioned above we suggest that you cancel your booking with us and find a more suitable place for your stay.